National Teacher Education Policy

Qualified teachers are essential for proper and quality education. It is essential to recruit qualified teachers through a scientific and transparent employment process. In Somaliland, the Ministry of Education and Science is responsible for teacher education, particularly the Human Resource Department for recruitment and Somaliland National College of Education for training. The first teacher education policy framework was formulated in September 2006, and it has been made further development and improvement in 2013. This improvement was based on the philosophy and strategic objectives contained in the Somaliland National Education Policy (2013) and the SL Strategic Education Sector Development Plan (2012-2016).


In 2017, the Ministry of Education and Science has made a review of Somaliland National Education Policy and ESSP 2017-2021 has been developed. The current National Teacher Education Policy review is based on the SNEP 2017 and ESSP 2017 -2021.


The teacher education in Somaliland fall under two categories. Primary school Teacher education (pre-service and in-service training) and secondary teacher education (pre-service and in-service training) that is undertaken by MOE&S and SNCE.