Overall Mandate:
To encourage and support an integrated approach to non-formal learning and development through community learning centres, managed by local people and providing multiple learning opportunities for children and adults leading to improvement in quality of life and community development. They must be much more than a physical location. They must be an effective, almost organic, mechanism for empowering individuals and the community. They must cater for lifelong learning; reach out to the community; promote the development of the community; have programs responsive to the local needs and aspirations of community members, and draw their mandate from the community.

Key Functions of Department and Sections
  • Report to the DG of the MoES/ where appropriate to the Minister/Vice-Minister
  • Assume the overall responsibility of the management of the department
  • Supervise the section heads and provide support to them where appropriate
  • Prepare the departmental priorities and activities with the collaboration of education partners and other stakeholders.
  • Develop yearly work plan and budgeting
  • Develop a Quarterly Work Plan in line with ESSP
  • Develop and formulate a departmental strategy in line with ESSP
  • Carry out Quarterly Performance Assessments on section heads and produce a PA report of each section head with recommendations for areas of performance improvement.
  • Keep records of details of section heads (personal information, education levels, pay, performance reports, and attendance/sickness/leave records)
  • Approve leave/sick notes of section heads/ Approve requisitions for procurements/ Approve requisitions for payments/timesheets
  • Hold weekly meetings with the section head and participate in the bi-weekly meetings of the Directors
  • Preparation of Quarterly Report on the activities of the depart
  • Do other duties delegate to him/her by the Higher Education?

Alternative Basic Education (ABE) Section

  • Provide a second chance for those who discontinue education and drop-out of different grades.
  • Coordination between all education alternatcentresters.
  • Recommend harmonized curriculum with a celebration of the Curriculum Department.
  • Develop Minimum standards for all concerned schools.
  • Teacher qualification assessment with collaborating other line departments. 
  • Improve teaching quality
  • Improve school reporting mechanism
  • Collect all schools’ and student’s information
  • He/she can do other duties delegated by the Director.

FLECs Section

  • Responsible for all Family Life Education Centers (FLECs) implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Improve the capacity of teachers and management with the collaboration of other stakeholders
  • Regular updates and monthly reports to the head of the department
  • Resource mobilization and needs assessment
  • All school data centred and recorded
  • He/she can do other duties delegated by the Director.

Adult Education Section

  • Promote basic education for adults
  • Raise public awareness of educational issues and public participation
  • Support ministerial policy and strategy development in the respective areas
  • Determine adult education programs at regional, district and village levels through participation in other MOES involving departments
  • Develop and provide appropriate teaching learning material for adult education, teacher guide and student textbooks
  • Oversee and collaborate with other education-providing institutions
  • Suggest and advice on adult education curriculum, teacher training, examination framework and policies
  • He/she can do other duties delegated by the Director.

Student Affairs for non-formal Section.

  • Registration of students and conditions
  • Student data documentation and recording
  • Awareness campaign on student enrolment in collaboration with REOs and MOES departments
  • Reviewing students’ progress and learning performance
  • Provide guiding and consulting where necessary
  • Reduce non-formal student dropout
  •  Support student household needs
  • Identifying school health issues and information to the relevant department (Human well-being)
  • Improve student assessment mechanism system and ensure learning outcomes for students
  • He/she can do other duties delegated by the Director.