Overall Mandate:

Establish/maintain Technical & Vocational Institutes with high-quality programs that meet national and regional employment needs, prepare students for technical and vocational studies and lifelong learning, equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as future professionals, and contribute to Somaliland's economy and society. Formulation of TVET educational policy goals and objectives and determine methods/strategies for achievement as well as reviewing and diagnosing of TVET educational system and identify weaknesses and problems.
  • Provide quality and harmonizing TVET training
  • Promote mechanism for offering opportunities in access and equity in TVET
  • Provide a mechanism of achieving good governance in TVET
  • Provide coordination and harmonized curricula, assessment and certification of TVET
  • standardize assurance, quality, and relevance of TVET for connected purpose
  • providing assistance and ensuring governance and management of centers offering technical and vocational and training


A well-coordination labour market responsive TVET system, delivering a high-quality competence workforce for sustainable economic, social and environmental development.



To regulate and coordinate promote and develop TVET through registration, licensing, accreditation and development institution, programs, and trainer for delivering labor market-relevant and competent workforce.


Core value

  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • accountability
  • public participation
  • teamwork
  • efficiency