Inclusive Education

The Ministry formed a separate department responsible for ‘’Inclusive Education’’, which means provision of equal participation of education for all children without discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, social status, etc. The mandate of the department of ‘’Inclusive Education’’ is ‘’to promote, safeguard and ensure full and equal participation of all children in education, providing support to all children including children with special needs, girls and other marginalized children to ensure that they are not excluded in educational opportunities.’’ However, during the period the Inclusive Department implemented many tasks that mainly improve retention. The following are the main activities:

 Reestablish Gender working group meeting;
 Distribution of sanitary kits for primary and secondary schools;
 Provide training of female facilitators in regions
 Trained teachers of Awdal Region Togdheer and Sanaag with sign language;
 Trained staff from 3 Regions with Special Needs Assessment
 Translated lessons in to sign language
 Distribution of Special needs Material in Regions of Awdal Saaxil and Togdheer