Higher Education

The Higher Education (HE) sector is relatively new in Somaliland. As a result, data on university education in Somaliland is extremely limited due to lack of regulation of institutions and insufficient Ministry involvement.

The first university, Amoud University, was launched in 1998. By 2011, the number of higher education institutions registered with the MOEHS reached 16, with a total student population of about 15,000266. Each of the original six regions now has at least one university.267 There are seven public universities located in each of the Somaliland regions. Additionally, the number of private universities has increased to 35 to accommodate public demand for tertiary education.

 Improve the legal framework and enabling organisational infrastructure that support higher education.
 Improve the financial capacity of the public higher education institutions by 500% within the next 5 years
 Increase equitable access and retention in higher education by 50% within the next 5 years by advocating for merging of universities to strengthen faculty capacities in terms of finance and human resources
 Improve the quality of teaching and learning (academic and research programmes) for enhanced students achievement
 Promote and expand the provision of science and technology faculties and ensure that higher education opportunities match with the socio-economic needs of the nation and are competitive in the international labour market
 Promote technical education at secondary level to conduct applied research in promising economic sectors
 Provide female students and other disadvantaged students with special opportunities to access higher education
 Improve physical facilities, training infrastructure and support services that relate to higher education